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Magen Search and Rescue


The company searches and rescues missing or disconnected people around the world. It provides services to the business and private sectors. 

The Magen Company has over 25 years’ experience in emergency operations in disaster areas worldwide. 

Magen has a network of contacts around the world, enabling it to provide a broad, rapid response (as far as possible) for hikers/businesspeople in times of need.

Our main activities:

  •  Renewing and establishing contact with disconnected people;
  •  Search and locate missing people in various landscapes (urban, open areas etc.)
  •  Search and rescue hikers with the help of local rescue teams and international rescue expedition, as necessary.

The Magen Company has rescue teams that provide broad rescue responses in a variety of environments: Urban landscapes, open areas/treks, mountain climbing, rescue from tunnels and flowing waters, cliff surfing, slopes, rescue from heights, diving, investigations and more.

The company also provides services for sensitive, special cases.

Magen Search and Rescue

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