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Rescue operations in disaster areas around the world 


During natural disasters and crises around the world, Magen Ltd. has carried out rescue missions on a volunteer basis, with the aim of performing rescue operations and assisting the local population. Recently, the company's instructors and managers took part and gained considerable success in the earthquake events in Nepal, Italy, and Mexico, last year.


The events at which members of Magen Ltd. Participated include:


Mexico Mexico 1986 - Earthquake

Armenia Armenia 1988 - Earthquake

Argentina Argentina 1994 - Terror attack in the Jewish community center

Kenya Kenya 1998 - Terrorist Attack in the American Embassy in Nairobi

Turkey Turkey 1999 - Earthquake

Greece Greece/Athens 2000 - Earthquake

Turkey Turkey 2000 - Earthquake

el salvador El Salvador 2001 - Mud Crash

india India 2001 - Earthquake

israel Israel 2001 - The collapse of the "Versailles Palace" venue

Italy Italy 2002 - A search operation

Austria Austria 2003 – A search operation

egypt Egypt 2004 - Terrorist Attack of the Hotel "Hilton"

Thailand Thailand 2005 - Tsunami

Kenya Kenya/Nairobi 2006 - Building collapse

Haiti Haiti 2010 - Earthquake

Italy Italy 2012 - Earthquake

Nepal Nepal 2015 - Earthquake

Mexico Mexico 2017 - Earthquake

Rescue operations in disaster areas around the world

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