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Magen is a professional training and instruction company for rescue from urban destruction.
The company was founded by Eran Magen, Lt. Col. (Res.), Former Deputy Commander of the National search and rescue Unit in the Home Front Command, who gained practical experience in the field of rescue from urban destruction of more than 25 years.

Magen Ltd. launches volunteer expeditions to disaster and earthquake sites around the world. Recently, the company's instructors and managers participated and rescued victims with considerable success in the recent earthquakes in Nepal, Italy, and Mexico last year.

In its training courses, Magen Ltd. delivers its unique operational approach, which was developed based on the experience accumulated over the years and recently adopted by the State of Israel in the form of the "Civil Defense" project - a project that trains all 10-graders in Israel in rescue operations from urban destruction. Magen Ltd. plays a vital role in this project and has trained about 60,000 10-graders in more than 2000 courses and 300 schools throughout Israel.

Magen Ltd. offices are located in the Beit Yanai area, Israel, close to a training facility of rescue from destruction, which stretches over several acres and includes a lot of equipment, allowing training of more than ten groups at the same time.

Magen is a flexible company, highly capable of drawing conclusions and making adjustments. The company has the unique ability to tailor the most suitable training package to the client.

About Magen Emergency and Disaster Management Ltd.





Events of building collapses may occur because of construction failure, terrorist attacks, war, large-scale earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, and other elements. The idea behind the concept of Active Community, devised by Magen Ltd., is based on 25 years of practical experience in the field of rescue from urban destruction and contains several basic principles:



Raising awareness, proper training and early preparation can significantly improve the citizens' response to a destructive event and contribute to their transformation from passive bystanders to active leaders until the arrival of the rescue forces.
The immediate reaction and the initial response of citizens after a destruction event are the most important and effective ones.
Most rescue operations can be carried out using simple tools and manual labor.

Every trained citizen is a force multiplier and, and at the time of an urban destruction incident, he or she can lead other civilians to carry out rescue operations.



Our Clients include:

Government offices: the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the IPS, the National Insurance Institute and others.


Factories and companies: Dead Sea Works, the Israel Electric Corporation, Nesher Cement Industries, and others.


The municipalities of Raanana, Petach Tikvah, Ashkelon, Karmiel and others.




Our offer


Magen Ltd. offers experiential training courses that strengthen the connection with the community and intensify the value of mutual responsibility and assistance to others.

We extensively learn about the needs of each customer and tailor the training we offer, according to the customer's knowledge of the content world, the required level of professionalism, the location of the training, the training hours and the language.

The training courses are of a significant experiential nature and remain with the trainees for years.

The trainees experience and touch on other subjects such as:
- Leadership
- Assistance to the community and others
- Bonding: Teamwork and cooperation
- Creative thinking
- Self-confidence and achievement of goals
- Managing tasks and working under pressure.


The duration of training ranges from a few hours to several full days and is determined according to the client's needs. It is also possible to sleep in the field.

We regard this training as a unique opportunity for everyone to acquire knowledge and tools that will benefit later on them, their families and their community.

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